Whitaker Farms & Greenhouses

2991 Providence Church Road, 

Climax, NC  27233

Whitaker Farms was started by Richard and Faylene in 1975 on rented land with a 140 tractor and a $40 tobacco setter. Today they farm over 500 acres, including flue cured and organic tobacco, field tomatoes, strawberries, and pumpkins. Whitaker Farms also consist of flower houses, green house tomatoes, farm tours, and a landscape, aquascape business. Not long after marriage, they had two handsome sons, Shane and Travis. Richard and Faylene have worked incredibly hard in order to expand the farming operation so that if their sons chose, they could one day return to family farming. Today they enjoy traveling, spending time with their family, riding ATVs, and best of all.farming!

Phone: 336-685-4888

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