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What We Do...

We work closely with our customers to produce the specific varitieties and colors  of ornamental annuals they require.

We select varieties based on  garden performance for the geographic region that they'll be utilyzed.

We sow or propagate all of our young plants in house. Then we transplant them into the containers reqested by our customers.

We grow our plants by providing the specific cultural requirements each genus requires. By using computer controlled climates, regular nutritional testing and an experienced growing staff, we can provide you with premium quality plants that perform.

We use biological pest control methods, to minimize or eliminate the need for chemical based pesticides. 
Our crops are scouted weekly to identify, prevent and control disease and pest challenges.

We focus on methods and inputs to enhance plant performance and customer success.

We grow beauty and color for your outdoor world.

<2239 South Creek Road, Nebo NC 28761>

Phone: 828-659-3335

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